Music School


Our music school offers one on one lessons in Guitar, Bass, Drums and Keyboards. We teach all ages and abilities. We can teach to the Rock School syllabus if you want to take exams and grades or if you prefer we can simply teach you your favourite songs and techniques.

We teach to all levels and all styles from beginning rock strummers to shredders, jazz heads and all in between. We can help you get better and have fun.


Lessons are given in our fully equipped school, we have private rooms for lessons and a comfortable lounge area to hang out in before or after your lesson (parents and friends are welcome to wait and have a cup of tea or coffee). You can use our guitars and equipment or bring your own. We can even lend you a guitar until you get your own.

Community Music for All

Here at Ossia, we try to  provide access to independent music making for all people. Giving all the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

We have, over the last 20 odd years, designed, implemented and delivered some of the best music creativity and learning programmes in the whole of Ireland.

Ossia programmes are bespoke workshops designed to bring the fun back into music and maybe learn a little

Our Research and Design team have helped us implement music programmes for learning and creative expression.

We use state of the art music and assistive technologies.

We offer professional tutoring, parents access courses, carers support courses and musicians creativity ensembles in order that people with visual impairment, physical disability, intellectual disability, learning disability, hearing impairment, autism and ADHD are not left on the community sidelines in the creative process.

Ossia run weekly workshops, ensemble rehearsals and week long residentials.

We are constanlty  developing and refining our models of best practice for learning and combining assistive technology, creativity and disability access issues in the arts domain, with the core aim of empowering and advocating independance and inclusion for the musician with disabilities.

Combining talent with appropriate equipment and interfaces, musicians with disabilities have the opportunity to compose, perform and record their own music, in an equal, empowering and creative atmosphere, learning from, playing alongside and composing for all nature of musicans in ensembles and workshops weekly.

Ossia strive  to provide all  musicians within the whole community the opportunity to be the musician they want to be

If you are in the neighbourhood why not call in we meet every over Saturday in Ballymoney Resource Centre

We meet every Thursday in Downpatrick Art Centre


one on one 30 minute lessons.

£20 per lesson


Let Us Help

We want to help our students out, so we will change your strings, help answer your questions about guitars, amps, drums. We can put you in touch with other musicians if you are looking to form a band, give you advice on getting gigs etc. And of course there is also our website with helpful videos and hints.