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Classes start back

As you may or may not know. Ossia teaches not just from the main studio in Belfast, but from satellite studios around the country Banbridge Lessons Tuesday night 6.30 – 9.30 Comber lessons Wednesday Night 700 – 930 DownPatrick lessons Thursday night 7.00 – 8.00 We also run a year long project Ossia Rock Shop. […]

Failure is the only option

Failure is the art of playing music. How can we learn if we don’t fail. We use failure to learn about everything else, so why is it that, when it comes to music it’s such a hard lesson to learn. Even as a seasoned musician, the failure is still there. Some call it a block, […]

Dont fret over playing a guitar

Lots of musicians cant read music do a search prove us wrong. Lessons aren’t about reading music, or learning loads of theory. In our experience, that will happen along the  way, and before you even know it. So, at Ossia we try to maintain your enthusiasm for your new adventure, by making every lesson, interesting, […]

Jumpers for goal posts

        Without having a goal it’s difficult to score. So that’s why, we always will ask you, to make a list of your top ten favourite songs to listen to. Then we know what you want to play and make the lessons up around the problems that we may encounter along the way.

How can we help

We try to take the obstacles out of your very hectic schedules by; Giving you a time slot  thats suitable to you Lending you an instrument if yours is broke, or you fancy trying something new. Need a pic? Take one. Broke a string? Have one on us. Need drum sticks? Just ask. Tell us […]